Dan’s Life-Affirming Journey to Create Cannwell

After being hospitalised with Crohns disease in 2017, Dan Rodwell, the founder of Cannwell CBD, couldn’t believe the improvements in his health when given CBD by a friend and professional athlete.  By combining his new found love of CBD and his passion for quality, Dan set himself on a mission to bring luxury CBD to the market.  Cannwell CBD was born.

However, it wasn’t long before Dan was dealt an even bigger blow in which his own product would be put to the test. During Christmas of 2017, he was struck down with the very rare, life threatening Guillain Barre Syndrome which left him paralysed and in a coma.

His prognosis was that, if he survives, full recovery would up to 18 months and no less than 6, during which he would have very little mobility.

Still paralysed and unable to speak, Dan refused that this was his future and, through eye gestures, managed to let his wife know that he wanted to start taking CBD. Within days there were significant signs of improvement and on day 34 Dan walked, slowly, but confidently, out of the hospital. The medical team awestruck, they had never heard of such a fast recover.

With every fresh step Dan took in those 34 days, his already strong belief in Cannwell CBD grew even more and, as he stepped outside the hospital doors, knowing a fast recover was imminent, he vowed to make it his mission to allow as many people as possible to enjoy Cannwell CBD as much as he did.


That mission continues today.

Cannwell. Born from a love for life. 

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