While we can not prescribe or direct anyone on the benefits of CBD, it is from a very personal perspective that I know the benefits of CBD and the impact it can have.

In my experience, staying with CBD worked best for me for both Crohns Disease and Guillain Barre Syndrome over a sustained period of time.

The key area where CBD has been beneficial for me are that I use Cannwell CBD to help with the inflammation associated with Crohns on a regular basis, for which I have been medication free and healthy now for nearly two years.

Secondly, when I awoke from an induced coma due to the sudden onset of GBS, I started to take CBD to help with the anxiety and depression – due to the fact I was fully paralysed.

By taking CBD, it reduced both the anxiety I was feeling and also the pain physically. CBD allowed me the clarity of mind, to concentrate on my recovery.

I personally believe that by using CBD it provided a platform for my recovery that allowed me to focus on my recovery and walk out of hospital in only 33 days.

This said, the human body doesn’t come with an instruction manual, nor is it as predictable as a machine.

The only real way to know what works best is trial and error, as the medical community has done not enough research.

Concluding thoughts CBD shows a great deal of promise for mitigating the symptoms of a variety of issues.

But the jury’s still out in many of the medical and scientific communities. In the end, we need to give it time and wait for more data.

But if what we know by now is any indication, there’s a solid chance that there’s good news on the horizon.

Dan Rodwell, Cannwell Founder

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